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HDN 1080 min

Hablemos de Negocios

La comunidad que acelera el crecimiento de empresarios en Latam

Marcadores 1080 min

Marcadores 247

Página web sobre resultados deportivos, estadísticas y noticias

Post 1


Rediseño web para empresa de servicio de infraestructura verde.

JRC Home

JRC - Ingeniería

Rediseño de página web acorde al rebranding de la marca.

Post 06 – 5

Pots and Moss

Tienda virtual para productos decorativos con conciencia social.

Post 03 – 1

Smart Doctor

Página web global para aplicación en el sector salud con presencia en 3 paises.

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Frequently asked questions


It depends on the scope of your project. From experience, projects with a smaller scope, such as landing pages, usually take between 1 and 3 weeks. Projects with a larger scope, as they have more pages, can take a little longer, between 1 and 2 months.

Once we analyze all the characteristics of your project, we give you a proposal in which we define the stages.

It also depends on the scope. Our clients’ budgets are between USD 500 and USD 5000. Occasionally, we carry out larger, more complicated projects. 

Of course! Once we finish the project, we make tutorial videos with the step by step to change the content of your website. These videos are uploaded to a cloud platform, so it will always be available to you, and you can share it with whoever you want.

Yes, our commitment is to give you support for 90 days after delivering your high performance website.

Each project is very different and time depends on their features. However, we have a list of prices that could help you calculate the cost of your project. Contact us here and we will email it. 

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